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About Us


As the exclusive partner of Senso Media Zrt. in the U.S., we provide the newest and most innovative digital solutions for shopping malls. The advertising products we offer are the most technologically advanced, modern and spectacular devices for companies that like to have the first-hand experience of the future.  We establish complex systems supporting customers, mall management, stores as well as marketing companies.

Mediacontact USA Inc. offers a new path in outdoor and digital marketing. Our main goal is to link traditional outdoor media solutions, with the newest interactive media platforms using creative, unique methods and astounding installations. The production of separate, special content for the project is an essential part of the most effective implementation of the campaign message. 


The success of our first interactive installations, produced in Europe, through a collaboration between Mediacontact USA, Inc., Hervé and GOoH, gives us confidence to introduce and implement these innovative ideas.

We believe that one medium alone cannot be an effective way of reaching a customer. Using new and creative ways in design, installation, and connecting it with interactive and digital media - to hook the attention of consumers - ensures the campaign a greater efficiency, is what the market demands and we provide it for you. 

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